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Zuca Sport Bag

Zuca Skate Bag -Argyle

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ZUCA Sport Skate Bag-Argyle

ZUCA Sport Skate Bag- Argyle

ntroduced in the summer of 2009, this preppy-chic bag is sure to turn some heads! You'll be at the top of the class when it comes to style!

All ZUCA inserts have many improvements you asked for including: A floor panel to protect the bottom, a net pocket inside at the top of the bag, better fabric, attractive ZUCA zipper pulls that won't break, Zipper Tubes that cover the front supports and improve color coordination, cell phone pockets on both sides, the front door now opens like a door instead of flopping on the ground when open, the inside of the door is now easier to access for embroidery, higher quality zippers, improved water resistance, and many more. 


  • An integrated seat and telescoping handleZuca
  • Magneto dynamic flashing LED wheels
  • Unique dual wheel design for climbing curbs and stairs with easezuca light up wheels
  • Rugged water resistant bag
  • Super durable aerospace class construction
  • Ultra silent scooter wheels with sealed skate-class bearings
  • A gear platform to carry additional loads
  • Weight: 9 lbs.

Where evening and morning meet, where style meets functionality, where comfort meets practicality. Is black too dark? Is white too bright? If you're all about the blue--you've found your mate with Midnight. The toughest bag on the market, this bag is sure to be a bruiser.

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