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Sure-Grip Avenger DA45

Sure-Grip Avenger DA45

List Price: $170.00  


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Avenger DA45

Sure-Grip Avenger DA45

The Sure-Grip Avenger DA45 plates includes DA45 Trucks (7mm or 8mm), and Sure-grip toe stops.


DA45 trucks for the Avenger

  • Angular skate plate design
  • Molded machine aluminum
    (also available in magnesium)
  • Hollow kingpin for reduced weight
  • Hollow center plate design
  • Adjustable toe stop
  • World famous DA-45* degree truck design for more maneuverability.

Suregrip Avenger DA45 size chart

Trucks and toe stops included!

The official availability date is still up in the air but we are hoping for a month and a half to two months away. As always it is first come first served.

Suregrip Avenger DA45

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