Suregrip Wheels

Sold in 4 packs for mixing and matching.

Sure-Grip International has been producing roller skate wheels for over 75 years. In fact its what made the company what it is today. In 1936 our founder John L. Wintz had an idea, being a machinist he set out to make a roller skate wheel that was better than any other on the market, who knew that he would develop not only a wheel but also a company. The wheel he created was a wheel made from phenolic with an added rubber inlay, the wheel had more grip than any other wheel during that time thus the name Sure-Grip was appropriate. To this day we still produce that same wheel we made 75 years ago. In 1937 the name of our company was actually Sure Grip Skate Wheel Co, it wasn’t until the 1970’s that we changed it to Sure-Grip International. With over 75 years of wheel experience why trust anyone else. No company in the industry has the range of products that we have. Sure-Grip just makes wheels that work, plain and simple.

Suregrip Roller Skate Wheels