Narrow Wheels vs. Wide Wheels

  • Narrow wheels have been around for years, mostly seen on hockey, art, rhythm or recreation skating. Narrow wheels are lighter and thinner which allow the skater to move, juke, stop and sprint better. Most narrow wheels are 38mm-32mm which allows the skater to be agile, juke and stop better, but not sacrifice the roll and grip that you get from a wider wheel. Narrow wheels are not for everyone so use at your own risk! 
  • Wide wheels are normally 44mm to 38mm.  The wider wheel allows for more push and better roll. Wide wheels are great for speed and grip. The biggest difference between a wide derby wheel and a narrow derby wheel is that the wide wheel has a lip. The lip allows for extra push and control on the straightaway and out of the corner, but sacrifices a little bit of agility. 


What does the "A" rating mean?

The hardness of a wheel is rated on the “A” rating scale. The higher the number the harder the wheel, which allows for more roll and less grip. On the other hand, the lower the number the softer the wheel which will allow the skater to have more grip but less roll.

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