Antik Skates

We know ANTIK skates very well. If you are uncertain about your ANTIK size, PLEASE let us know. We have a 96% success rate finding the correct size for ANTIKS. Togther we will help you find the ideal pair of Antik skates without breaking the bank. 
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GRN MNSTR Rollersports (Green Monster) is a skate company whose total focus is to produce fresh ideas and innovative product design to the roller skating market, specifically roller derby. They produce some of the best brands in roller derby including Antik skate boots, Reckless wheels, Gumball toe stops, Moto bearings , Heartless agility wheels, astro-nuts, and also b’zerk skate wheels.

$985.00   $894.00

Antik AR-1 + Proline + Atom Dubs

$985.00   $824.00

Antik AR-1 + Proline + Atom Jukes

$850.00   $769.00

Antik AR1 + Suregrip Powertrac + Atom Wheels

  ANTIK AR1 Skate Boots: Full grain leather upper (outside) Full grain leather liner (inside) Hypo-allergenic ...

$780.00   $667.00

Antik AR-1 with Powerdyne Arius Plates BOOTS- ANTIK AR1 Full grain leather upper (outside)Full grain leather liner (inside)...

$550.00   $445.00

Antik AR-1 with Avenger DA45

$509.00   $425.00

Antik MG2 Avenger DA45 

$592.00   $429.00

ANTIK MG2 Skate Package | RICHTER | GRN MNSTR Rollersports TM (green monster) is a skate company whose total focus is to produce fresh ideas...

$575.00   $499.00

  ANTIK  MG-2 Boot Suede upper (outside) Drylex liner (inside) Foam rubber tongue lining Fiber toebox and counters...

$348.00   $269.00

ANTIK SPYDER This derby skate is excellent for fresh meat.    The trademark design and style of the Anitk AR-1 and MG-2 are now featured...