Riedell 965 Sunlite with Backspin Lites

Riedell 965 Sunlite Backspin (custom)



These are men's sizes. Ladies, go down one size.

Blue Sunlite Plates Sunlite-Plates Green Sunlite Plates
Backspin Remix Lite (93a)-black Backspin Remix Lite (93a)-white Backspin Scribble (91)-green Backspin Rockstar (92a)-pink Backspin Blueprint (92a)-blue Backspin Trackstar (89a)-orange

Riedell 965 Sunlite with Backspin Lites

Reidell 965 Boots - Features the top of the line Riedell 965 speed boot. Hand sorted full grain uppers with micro-fiber foam backed lining. Padded color and tongue for comfort during those long practice sessions.
Reinforced outside right quarter to hold up through all those turns. Side overlay and stitched and cemented outsoles for strength. Sized with the new combo D/B last. A little wider in the forefoot, snug heel.

Sunlite Plates - you pick the color!
Sunlite double action plates manufactured with Dupont Zytel 801 Supertuff nylon. Features patented "v" bracing design for optimum strength. Plate is 40% lighter than conventional aluminum plates. Light weight aluminum double action trucks come with high rebound urethane cushions. Plates have a lifetime guarantee against breakage! Takes adjustable toe stop.

Backspin Wheels  - you pick the wheels

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