Derby Toe Caps


Not only is it super tough,


Derby Toe Caps



Derby Toe Caps

Derby Toe Caps

The revolutionary new design features the SUPER TOUGH industrial vinyl with a nearly unbreakable snap. This skate guard will not move from side to side like conventional toe guards, it actually "hugs" the toe of the boot offering the utmost protection, and will not wear away like leather. Not only is it super tough, it is also HEAT MOLDABLE!


Toe Cap Installation Instructions:
1. Remove toe stop,slip toe cap over skate to measure which lace to loop strap under.
2. Hold toe cap over the skate and loop strap under the lace and snap.
3. Put toe cap on the skate and install toe stop with the jam nut over the toe cap. (unless toe stop is flush with the plate, or a toe plug is used)

Toe Cap Heat Molding Instructions:
1. Bake in oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius) for 5 Minutes. Be sure to preheat your oven.
2. Wearing gloves (or an oven mitt) place on your skate and hold for 3 minutes.



The material these toe guards are made of are very durable. However, after only a few months of wearing the metal snap would heat up when I did falls & really hurt. It dug into my toes too. Also, the first time I went outdoors with them & fell the snap completely ripped off. I was disappointed because I feel if it didn't have the metal snap then they would be great toe protection.

I skate outdoors and the toe caps hold up well.