Bont Hybrid Carbon Boots

Bont Hybrid Carbon Boots



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Bont Hybrid Carbon Boots

Bont Hybrid Carbon Boots

The Bont Hybrid has been designed for skaters who want a cross between a derby and race boot. This boot is low cut like a race boot but it features a 2mm thick Australian leather outer skin which is extremely tough.

The Carbon boot has an exposed carbon base where as the Hybrid Leather model has a fiberglass based wrapped in leather. Both boots are equally heat moldable. 

  • Carbon composite base
  • Epoxy resin
  • Suede-L liner
  • Hand made 1 piece construction
  • EVA innersole
  • Waxed laces
  • 2mm Australian full grain leather outer skin


Boot Color


Outer Skin






















Bont Hybrid Carbon boots typically fit large, we will contact you to verify your boot size.

*Please be aware, Bont boots are in high demand. If the boots are not in stock, it could take between 3-9 weeks for production.  

After I heat molded my Bont Hybrids, they fit like a dream. mounted my skates to a Powerdyne Arius plate and I couldn't believe how light the skates were. Talk about reducing weight!

The best investment I have made to date was buying my Bont Carbon Hybrids. They are the most amazing skate boots I’ve ever used, and I will recommend them to everyone!

When it came to upgrading my skates, I did quite of bit of research. I knew I wanted skates that could stand up to a few years of heavy skating, looked different then just the traditional black skate, and could fit my weird feet. I have small feet, I’m flat footed, I have small toes but very wide ankles. I had tried on all of the girls on my league’s skates, and wasn’t happy with ANY of them. Granted no one on my team skates on anything but Sure Grips or Riedell, but I knew I needed something more then that. As I started my research, I decided I wanted white and pink skates. As stupid as it sounds, the look of them was just as important as their ability to me. I found out quickly that custom skates can be a very expensive investment. The most basic Riedell boot, in an upgrade that would fit my weird shaped feet, and be custom was out of my price range. I had given myself $500 for my skates, and i was very unhappy with the thought of spending all of that. I started checking out Antiks, but I wasn’t sold on the high boot. I played soccer and I just couldn’t wrap my head around not having my ankles free. I looked into how much it would be to get a lower cut Antik, in the custom colors. I could afford it if I cheaped out on the plate. I wasn’t sure what the point in putting a high end boot on a cheap nylon plate was. Then, I found Derby Smack. And with DerbySmack, came semi-custom Bont Hybrids.

Buying Bonts was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. For CHEAPER then the Antik package that most places sell, I got a fully heat moldable boot, build off of a tracing of my foot, in custom colors, with my derby name across the straps, a very good plate, and a set of wheels. My Bonts are amazing. They fit me mostly right out of the box, being built from the tracing of my foot. I heat molded them with my blow dryer, just around the ankles and heels to get a tighter fit. That is one of the best parts of Bonts- that if they don’t fit perfect, it’s an easy fix to make them so! They fit like my favourite pair of shoes, the first time I took them out of the box. Having the carbon fiber bottom is also a great part, as it really does feel like the plate of my boots is attached to my foot. I feel like I’m putting on a pair of slippers that just happen to have wheels on them. The white leather is super strong, I’ve played in outdoors bouts on asphalt and they still look brand new. My only complaint is the microfiber that the pink part of my skates are isn’t super strong, and within a few practices was already wearing off on the straps. One email to Bont, and they sent me a free pair of replacement straps, made in their new leather. They have now upgraded all their microfiber to a stronger one, as well as now have TONS of more leather options (i’m already saving for my all pink Bonts!)

Another amazing part of Bont is that they have a ton of available custom options. For one $30 fee, you can get any trim color combination (I’ve seen some sweet half blue, half purple combos!), stronger leather, the heel raised, a wide or narrow fit, the soles fit for flat feet, raise or lower the ankle cuff, room for orthotics, or different size for each skate. That’s one $30 fee, and you can chose any of those! I personally went with the color change, the stronger leather, a wide fit and the soles changed for flat feet. Then, they’ve got things that each cost $10 extra, like lace covers, a heel snug, having a vegan upgrade, the Bont Logo in different places, the stitching a different color, adding a toe box, and many other things.

All in all, I am so happy with my skates, and the help that Bont gave in making sure they were perfect. They are more then I ever could have dreamed of. Things I would suggest to anyone wanting to buy a pair of Bonts- make sure your foot tracing is PERFECT. Get someone else to do it, or go over your numbers. I personally will be adding a heel snug to my next pair, just because the Bont laces are SUPER long, so if you want to use the Bont laces, that might be a good investment. Check into many different stores (my favourite is or even Bont directly, to get the best price you can. And expect quite a wait- the skates are made in Australia, while the leather is made in China, and things can back up easily, because they have one factory that makes their quads, inlines, speed skates, cycling shoes and running boots. I was told 4-6 weeks, and it took over 8 for them to get to me. But they were more then worth the wait! They are a better quality boot then any Riedell boot (and I will argue this with anyone!), including the Antik, and are cheaper. It’s a better investment, and leaves you more money to spend on wheels, and pretty things.

If anyone has any questions about Bont, or my personal experience ordering my skates (I tried three different places before I found someone who wasn’t a complete ass about my questions and making sure I got what I wanted. Like I said, I suggest DerbySmack, since they’re not only amazing people, but the cheapest place), feel free to message me at

They got here after a little postal adventure around town this afternoon. They fit! They are so incredibly more responsive than the 265s ever were, even new. It's gonna take a bit to find that sweet balance between the king pin and the pivots, but when I do... Yessss! They also weigh like nothing! I almost will have to learn to skate all over again, but I have a feeling that mostly means shedding a lot of bad habits I've gotten over the past few months with stretched out skates. Yes!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lighter and more comfortable than any other boot I've tried! They are easy to heat mold so you can get a customized fit very quickly, and they can be heat molded more than once.
Note that the sizing is not typical. Measure your foot for the best fit!