Backspin Beastmode Roller Derby Wheel

Backspin Beastmode





When size and performance really matters, then go Beastmode on your opponent! The all new 2013 Backspin Beastmode roller derby wheel features high quality urethane that holds the floor tight but still allows you to skate away from the pack. All Backspin derby wheels include a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

  • 59mm x 38mm
  • High density (HD) hub
  • Reinforced back hub
  • Electric Blue (96A)
  • Purple (93A)


Wheel Details

  • 90A
  • 96A
  • 59x38mm

I was using the Mayhems for about 6mo and loved them but came across these by accident. I was worried that the hardness was not going to provide the sticky stability that I need for confidence. It only took me two practices on our sport court for me to just love these wheels. I now recommend them to all our freshies who are ready to move up and play with the vets.