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Atom Gear - Elite Elbow

Atom Gear - Elite Elbow 2.0

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Atom Gear - Elite Elbow 2.0
Elite Elbow pads are Kevlar-covered to protect yourself and others in contact, also protects the skating surface. Heavy-duty, perforated neoprene wraps the protected area, providing maximum mobility, comfort and security.

UPDATE- The Elite 2.0-Elbow is updated with straps that go all the way around the pad meaning it eliminates the ripping that was happening with the 1.0’s. They too have the silicone band all the way around the openings making them stay in place. My biggest complaint with the 1.0 elbow was the slippage and the 2.0 certainly fixed that.


Elite - Elbow Pads

*measure 4" up from the crease of your elbow


XS (extra small) = 8"-10" bicep circumference  


SM (small) = 10"-11" bicep circumference


MD (medium) = 11"-12" bicep circumference


LG (large) = 12"-13" bicep circumference


XL (extra large) = 13"+ bicep circumference

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