ANTIK  MG-2 Boot

Antik MG2


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Antik MG2 <h1><span><strong><span style="font-size: medium;">ANTIK &nbsp;MG-2 Boot</span></strong></span></h1> <ul> <li><span style="font-size: small;">Suede upper (outside)</span></li> <li><span style="font-size: small;">Drylex liner (inside)</span></li> <li><span style="font-size: small;">Fiber toebox and counters</span></li> <li><span style="font-size: small;">Abrasion resistant leather on toe</span></li> <li><span style="font-size: small;">Integrated, shock absorbing, foam wedge heel</span></li> <li><span style="font-size: small;">Vulcanized rubber sole</span></li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> </ul> <p><span style="font-size: small;">*Free mounting when you purchase a plate at the same time.</span></p>

ANTIK  MG-2 Boot

  • Suede upper (outside)
  • Drylex liner (inside)
  • Fiber toebox and counters
  • Abrasion resistant leather on toe
  • Integrated, shock absorbing, foam wedge heel
  • Vulcanized rubber sole


*Free mounting when you purchase a plate at the same time.

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