About our company

Jessica building a pair of derby skates.

Ask yourself, do you really want the "cheapest" shop to assemble your $500 roller skates? Yea, I didn't think so...

DerbySMACK is made up of a group of skaters. We are not talking about someone who started skating just a couple of years ago, we are talking about a group who is dedicated to roller skating!

Nathan, team leader at DerbySMACK, started speed skating in 1994. In 1998 he became general manager of Playland Skate Center in Austin Texas. In the summer of 2001 he was approched by a group of girls who wanted to start a derby league. Shortly after that point Nathan started providing skates to the roller girls (BGGW). A short time later, the group split and formed the Texas Roller Girls.

In 2007, Nathan met his future wife Jessica. Jessica was speed skating with the Texas Speed Club in Austin when they first met. A short time later, Nathan took her to the 2007 National WFTDA Tournament to expose her to roller derby. Needless to say, she became HOOKED.

Jessica and Nathan decided at that time decided to focus primarily on roller derby. Jessica joined a fairly new group of skaters in Wisconsin. Over the years, she has held WFTDA jobs, team captain, vice president of the league and athletic director. She is currently on her 6th season of derby.