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187 Killer Pads Skate Knee Gaskets

187 Killer Pads Knee Gaskets

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187 Killer Pads Knee Gaskets-

After years of waiting 187 Killer Pads has finally releases their own Knee Gasket designed for skaters!Built with the quality that you have come to expect from 187 these gaskets perform at the top level. These are designed to wear under your pads or by themselves. Wearing a gasket under your pads not only provides you additional padding when you fall but also keep them comfortably in place. The 187 Gaskets are built to offer the best breathability possible. Add these to your 187 Pro or Fly Knee pads to offer the best protection and comfort possible.

Get Ultimate Protection with the 187 Killer Pads Knee Gaskets. Knee Gaskets have been around forever. They were originally designed for a few reasons: First to offer some additional protection when riding particularly dangerous or steep ramps or street courses.  The Gaskets offer just one more layer of protection.  Second the pads act almost like a glue keeping your hard cap Knee pads in place. Third the way gaskets are designed today offer skaters a thin Knee pad that can be worn by itself.  The Gasket alone is very flexible and can protect against those minor falls.  So really when considering a gasket knee pad there are many different use options that make it a must for any skater.


Bottom Line: 187 Killer Pads Skate Knee Gaskets
Through experience we have gain a real appreciation for knee gaskets.  We particularly like the 187 Knee Gasket because of the horseshoe pad design.  It adds extra protection to the knee cap area and the surrounding neoprene gives great support as an extra brace.  Great for Roller Derby!

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